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A Field Study of the Inner Mongolia Section of Yellow River During the Ice Flood Season

Author(s): Chaoyu Duan; Sheng Zhang; Xiaohong Shi; Yong Wu

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Abstract: Ice flood in the Inner Mongolia section of the Yellow River has been well-known as it might cause disasters to the nearby areas during the beginning and end of the ice period. This is mainly because it flows to the north into the high latitude within the Inner Mongolia section, where it is iced over earlier and melted later in the winter compared to the other sections. Hydrological, meteorological, and channel characteristics might also play an important role in the occurrence of the ice flood. The flow rate, physical factors of the ice cover, and water quality were observed and analyzed during the ice period in 2011 and 2012. The results showed that the ice flood was strongly governed by the air temperature and the volume of ice stored in the river channel.


Year: 2012

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