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Morphology and Physical Properties of Old Sea Ice in the Fram Strait 2006-2011

Author(s): A. S. Shestov; K. V. Hoyland; O. C. Ekeberg

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Abstract: In the past six years the University Centre in Svalbard has participated in the annual early autumn cruises to the Fram Strait organized by the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI). UNIS has collected data on geometry, morphology, consolidation and physic-mechanical properties of ice ridges. Cross-sectional drilling with 2" augers were used to investigate the geometry, morphology and consolidation, while ice cores were sampled to establish profiles of temperature, salinity and density. The results from 2011 are covered in detail, and an overview of the results from the six years is given in this paper. The deepest keel in all six years was 8.2 m and the shallowest was only 1.6 m. The macro-porosity of all ridges was close to zero so the ridges were almost consolidated all the way through, and the average keel depth to sail height ratio was 4.6. The average temperature, density and salinity of the sail/the keel were -1.0°C/ -1.3°C, 0.8 kg/l /0.9 kg/l and 0.4 ppt / 2.1 ppt.


Year: 2012

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