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Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Distribution Characteristics of Sea Ice on the South Shore of Bohai Bay

Author(s): Ge Li; Huaming Yu; Chongbo Jiang; Conghua Cao; Kecai Guo; Shan Zhong; Rui Huang; Xiangyu Wang; Jie Shang; Qingrong Liu

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Abstract: Located in the Bohai Sea, the frozen sea area of the lowest latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, the south shore of Bohai Bay is on the west of the Yellow River estuary. With the prosperity of coastal construction and offshore oil exploitation, anomaly of sea ice in this area appeared under the influence of the climate change and coastline change in recent years. Based on the research about the climate condition and sea ice conditions in the Bohai Sea since 1951, this article analyzed the date from coastal observation, satellites, X-band vehicle-borne radar and sea ice mechanical measurement in winters of 2004–2010. The spatial-temporal distribution characteristics of sea ice on the south shore of the Bohai Bay are obtained in this paper. And the influence of coastal construction, cold air path and difference of ocean dynamic environment on sea ice extent and piling-up are also discussed.


Year: 2012

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