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Study of Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Sea-Ice-Hazard Risk in Bohai

Author(s): Wei Gu; Chengyu Liu; Shuai Yuan; Ning Li; Jinlong Chao; Lantao Li; Yingjun Xu

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Abstract: Sea-ice-hazard causes serious harm to aquaculture, marine navigation, offshore oil production, and other activities in Bohai Sea of China. Therefore, to study the spatial distribution characteristics of sea-ice-hazard risk in Bohai is desirable. We have used the data from the NOAA satellite on the area to estimate the area and thickness of sea ice in Bohai from 1987 to 2011. We have converted the sea-ice thickness into the sea-ice-hazard index after defining the same and have classified the different sea-ice-hazard levels. We also have calculated the occurrence probability of sea-ice-hazard using the fuzzy risk theory and studied the spatial distribution characteristics of sea-ice-hazard risk in Bohai. The results show that the sea-icehazard risk for offshore aquaculture decreased as the offshore distance increased. All the oil fields in Liaodong Bay are influenced by sea-ice hazard, two of the fields in Bohai Bay are affected lightly by sea-ice hazard, and the remaining fields are not influenced. The risk for marine navigation is related to the location of the port and the distance from the port. The risk in the port area is the largest, which is reduced by more than 30% at distances 10 km away from the port.


Year: 2012

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