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Measurements of Thermally Induced Deformations in Saline Ice with Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Author(s): Aleksey Marchenko; Torsten Thiel; Sergiy Sukhorukov

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Abstract: The paper describes method and results of the measurements of thermal expansion of saline ice samples with fibre optic sensors based on Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBG). The experiments were performed in the cold laboratory of the University Centre in Svalbard (Longyearbyen, Norway) where the environmental temperature varied cyclically from -25°C to -3°C. In our experiments, the temperature was gradually changed by 2K steps and was kept with each temperature value for 3 hours or longer. Effects of negative thermal expansion were registered when the salinity of ice samples was 9.4 ppt and ice temperature was higher than -10°C. The thermal expansion was positive when the ice salinity was 2.3 ppt in the temperature range from -3°C to -25°C. A hysteresis behaviour was observed on the strain-temperature curve when the temperature cycle applied to the ice sample switched from heating to cooling, with temperature higher than -10°C.


Year: 2012

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