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Hec-Ras Flow Analysis in the River Tapi

Author(s): Darshan J. Mehta, Sanjay M. Yadav, Sahita I. Waikhom

Linked Author(s): Darshan J. Mehta

Keywords: Flood event, HEC-RAS, steady flow, Tapi River, uniform flow computations

Abstract: Floods are natural disaster where they cause losses and damages to lives, properties and nature. The main objective of this study is to integrate science of meteorology, hydrology and hydraulics by using an appropriate and effective method in flood management. 1-D Hydrodynamic model is used to evaluate geomorphic effectiveness of floods on lower Tapi river basin. In this present study, geometry of lower Tapi River, flood plain of Surat City and past observed flood data have been used to develop 1-D integrated hydrodynamic model of the lower Tapi River, India. After collecting the entire data using 1-D hydrodynamic model to simulate the flood of year 1944, 1945, 1968, 2006, 2007, 2012 and 2013. As Surat city has been facing many floods from the year 1883 to 2013. The carrying capacity of river is approximately about 450000 cusecs (12753 cumecs) at present. The river network and cross sections for the present study are extracted from the field surveyed contour map of the river Tapi River. In this, stability of a segment of lower reach of Tapi River approximately 9 km length between Weir cum causeway and Kapodra (Uttran Bridge) is evaluated for its carrying capacity and geomorphic effectiveness. The study reach consists of 36 cross-sections. The model is used to evaluate steady flow analysis, flood conveyance performance and uniform flow analysis. The study area selected is highly affected by the flood and it is necessary to develop flood reduction plan for the study area which will helps to control a big disaster in future. The recommendations are done based on this study either to increase height of the retaining wall or construct a retaining wall at certain sections along study reach. The present study also recommends improving carrying capacity of Tapi River so that it will minimize the flood in surrounding area of Surat City


Year: 2017

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