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Analysis of Rainfall in an Arid Zone of South America

Author(s): Jose Vargas Baecheler, Pablo Vidal Salazar

Linked Author(s): José Vargas Baecheler

Keywords: arid zones, rainfall, Wadis, ENSO, PDO

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the rainfall patterns of an arid zone of South America located in the Norte Grande of Chile. In addition, the current temporal and spatial distribution of rainfall is analyzed and possible rainfall patterns reevaluated during these last years. For this evaluation, several annual and daily rainfall isohyet maps have been made. For this, working with data of current rain gauge stations, quantifying and selecting the most suitable data for the period of time to study. Finally, the required rainfall values are generated where the values are interpolated to create isohyet maps. The most relevant results indicate that the spatial distribution of rainfall has not significantly changed during the last decades. However, the average annual rainfall values have gradually decreased throughout this period. Based on this, it is presumed that they will continue with this decreasing trend


Year: 2017

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