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A High Order Element Based Method to Estimate Hyporheic Flow in Rivers Using the Burgers Equation

Author(s): Antonio Preziosi-Ribero, Edwin Saavedra-Cifuentes, Jorge Alberto Escobar-Vargas, Leonardo David Donado

Linked Author(s): Antonio Preziosi Ribero

Keywords: Hyporheic flow, hyporheic zone, Burgers equation, spectral methods, turbulence modeling

Abstract: This paper proposes the use of the Burgers Equation to represent flow in porous channels beds to obtain mean velocity profiles to model Hyporheic Flow (HF). The solution was achieved by using a Spectral Multi Domain Penalty Method (SMPM), with a fractional step scheme including nonlinear advective and diffusive terms, solved using an explicit and an implicit scheme respectively. The model proposed to consider the stream bed as the computational domain with homogeneous and isotropic conditions set in the viscous term of the equation. The results of this research can be compared with Large Eddy Simulations (LES) and different experimental results to evaluate the viability of the use of a continuum model that represents the HF accurately. Moreover, the size of the Hyporheic Zone (HZ) can be estimated according to the flow profile obtained from the modeling process. The results obtained show that the velocity profile at the top of the domain decreases with depth and depends on the viscosity term and the velocity signal used as the model's input, as demonstrated in previous studies


Year: 2017

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