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Criteria for Increased Ice Discharge Capacity of the Upper Niagara River

Author(s): Robert Ettema; David Andres; Richard Carson; Randy D. Crissman

Linked Author(s): Robert Ettema

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Abstract: This paper discusses the development of a set of five criteria that are being used to guide the selection of, and assess the performance of, conceptual modifications for increasing the ice discharge capacity of the GIP in the vicinity of the NYPA intakes. Conceptual physical modifications of the GIP are currently being evaluated with physical and mathematical models developed for the study. The models are being used to illuminate how jams form in the GIP under existing conditions, and to establish baseline values for ice discharge capacity. Presently, screening tests are being conducted to evaluate the perfonnance of possible physical modifications to the area. Subsequent papers in these proceedings describe the development of the models and give more details from the baseline and screening tests.


Year: 1994

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