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Towards enhanced power system flexible services, XFLEX HYDRO paves the way

Author(s): Jean-Louis Drommi; François Avellan

Linked Author(s): François Avellan

Keywords: flexibility; power system; hydro power; pumped storage; ancillary services; Hydrolink


Aiming for a greener future, the European grid's need for increased flexibility has led the EU commission to call for innovation actions to further enhance flexible services from Hydro assets. XFLEX HYDRO is responding to this call by demonstrating that updated digitalization, hybridization, hydraulic short circuit and variable speed technologies can unlock a multitude of novel and expanded services for the long-standing hydro industry, thus paving the way towards a more sustainable future for the grid. Focusing on pumped storage hydro power plants, this article details how implementation of digitalization and hydraulic short circuit operation may improve frequency control of the grid.


Year: 2023

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