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Influence of Ice Cover on Transverse Bed Slopes in a Curved Alluvial Channel

Author(s): Whey-Fone Tsai; Robert Ettema

Linked Author(s): Whey-Fone Tsai, Robert Ettema

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Abstract: Presented herein are the results of a study carried out to determine the influences of ice cover presence on transverse bed slope, flow and sediment transport in a curved alluvial channel. The study entailed formulation of flow in a curved channel as a damped, forced oscillatory system, for which changing channel alignment prescribes a forcing function and transverse bed slope is a dependent variable of fluctuating magnitude. The study also entailed conduct of a laboratory experiment using a curved channel. It was found, both from formulation and experiment, that cover presence can appreciably reduce transverse bed slopes.


Year: 1990

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