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CFD of an Accelator Decanter: Lessons Learned

Author(s): M. Ortega; C. Ortega; A. Lastra; J. Botello; S. De Rico; E. Arenas; E. Arozamena; A. Lastra

Linked Author(s): Sergio De Rico Herrero

Keywords: CFD simulation; Settling tank; New standard designs; Flow patterns; Accelator decanter

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the fluid flow of an existing accelator decanter to improve the flow mixing and flocs attachment. An accelator decanter consists of two main parts. The inner part is a truncated cone-shape structure also named reaction zone that receives the inlet water while the outer part if of cylindrical shape named clarifier. Settle flocs are recycled to the reaction zone while the clarified water stays at the outer space towards the outlet of the structure. It has been observed that the settling process does not occur as expected in terms of mixing the fluid and clean water. There are two ideas to be tested in order to achieve the goal. The first one is to install some deflectors to promote the flow mixing, flocs attachment and decantation occur. The CFD study is going to help to design the most appropriate deflector type for a specific flow rate. The second one is to transform the accelator decanter into a mixed accelator-lamellar decanter. The evaluation of the solutions based on CFD is of high relevance as the second solutions costs 12 times the first one. In this document, only the first solution will be described as well as the methodology to compare the diagnosis (no deflectors added) with several solutions related to the effect of some deflectors' configuration.


Year: 2023

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