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Interaction Between Driftwood and Free-Surface Flow in an Open Channel

Author(s): Terunori Ohmoto; Hirotaka Une

Linked Author(s): Terunori Ohmoto

Keywords: Drift wood; Free-surface flow; Cylindrical wood; PIV; High speed camer

Abstract: In this study, a high-resolution, high-speed camera was used to capture driftwood velocity, while PIV (particle image velocimetry) and PTV (particle tracking velocimetry) were used to measure free-surface velocity. The effects of channel slope, driftwood length and driftwood shape on the relative velocity between driftwood and free-surface flow were examined on the basis of an equation relating to driftwood motion and the experimental results. The study revealed that in cases where the driftwood angle is small, the velocity of a cylindrical piece of driftwood becomes higher than the free-surface velocity as channel slope and driftwood length increase. It was also found that the product of driftwood length and channel slope is proportional to the square of driftwood and free-surface velocity.


Year: 2023

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