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Studies on Recirculation Flow and Sediment Transport in Shrimp Farms

Author(s): Hayato Kitamura; Ichiro Kimura; Eizo Nakaza

Linked Author(s): Ichiro Kimura

Keywords: Quaculture facility; Closed water area; Secondary current of the first kind; Sediment transport; Three-dimensional computer simulatio

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the characteristics of sediment transport by secondary current of the first kind in a closed water area, and to obtain basic knowledge for constructing an efficient sediment accumulation method in shurinp farms. Two hydraulic experiments were conducted. In the experiment 1, the sediment behavior was examined by changing the flow rate. In the experiment 2, the sediment behavior was examined by repeatedly discharging and stopping the pump. The results showed that the secondary current of the first kind becomes stronger after the pump is stopped. The momentary large traction force at the startup of the pump significantly affects the sediment transport, and the deposition area. We also conducted the threedimentional computer simulation in the same conditions with the experiment is shown that the fundamental aspects of the phenomena were succesfully reproduced by the present computational model.


Year: 2023

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