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Green Roof Rainfall - Runoff Modelling in Semi-Arid Climates

Author(s): Gianluca Eugenio; Gabriele Freni

Linked Author(s): Gabriele Freni

Keywords: Climate-change; Evapotranspiration; Infiltration; Green-roofs; Runoffs

Abstract: Climate change in recent years has increased extreme weather events, causing flooding in urban areas. This makes it necessary to use systems such as green roofs to reduce peak runoff as much as possible and delay the peak. These runoffs cause many problems to the urban fabric, causing in the most extreme cases actual flooding, which endangers the infrastructure but above all the population. The model was developed through the realization of an experimental installation with test benches at the University of Enna “Kore” hydraulics laboratories, made of different materials, to evaluate the hydraulic effects on the system's outflow pattern as the stratigraphy changes. The model consists of three components: the vegetation layer, substrate and storage layer. Each of these is subject to different hydrological and hydraulic processes, so, it is necessary to analyse them as individual components employing the hydrological balance equation and several process equations. This involves identifying different processes within the individual components such as evapotranspiration in the vegetation layer and infiltration in the substrate. Using MATLAB, it was possible to model the data collected from the survey model, analyzing the hydraulic characteristics of the 3 components, allowing us to identify the system's outflows and their variability depending on the characteristics of the components.


Year: 2023

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