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Optimization of a Small-Scale Tidal Range Schemes in UK

Author(s): M. Y. Lam; B. Guo; R. Ahmadian

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Keywords: Tidal range schemes; 0D-model; Genetic algorithm; Flexible operation; Number of turbines

Abstract: Flexible and inflexible design and operation optimization of a small-scale Aberthaw TRS was conducted with a 0D-model and Genetic Algorithm. The optimal number of turbines were sought. Under flexible operation, no optimal number of turbines was identified. Increasing the number of turbines in flexible operation maximized the utilization of the available tidal energy. Once a sufficiently large number of turbines were employed, adding more turbines gave only marginal improvement on energy output since most of the tidal energy was utilized. Under inflexible operation, an optimal number of turbines that gave maximum energy output was identified. The existence of this optimal condition was shown to be a trade-off between power generation efficiency in spring tides and neap tides, which is only present in inflexible operation because inflexible operation forces constant starting and ending heads for both spring and neap tides. In flexible operation, different starting and ending heads are used in spring and neap tides and such a trade-off and the associated optimal number of turbine does not exist.


Year: 2023

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