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How the Water Sector is contributing to global Net-Zero efforts

Author(s): Maria Ubierna; Cristina Diez Santos

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Keywords: IAHR; Hydrolink; Net Zero; Open Hydro; greenhouse gas emissions; Maria Ubierna; Cristina Diez Santos

Abstract: The water sector plays a vital role in achieving net-zero goals, as underscored by global initiatives like the Race to Zero, where over 65 leading water utilities worldwide pledge to achieve net-zero emissions. With an estimated 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions attributed to water utilities, the sector must take a leadership position in decarbonisation. Digital solutions and technological advancements enable actions and data-backed decisions to reduce emissions from the water sector effectively. Collaboration, funding, and regulatory incentives are crucial drivers for emissions reduction, exemplifying the sector’s commitment to climate action. To effectively reduce its carbon footprint, precise measurement and continuous emission tracking are essential, with digital solutions accelerating the sector towards a net-zero future.


Year: 2023

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