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Water engineering transforming the future with IAHR

Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville; Tom Soo

Linked Author(s): Tom Soo, Philippe Gourbesville

Keywords: IAHR; Hydrolink; interbasin water transfers; population growth; urban environments; challenges; Philippe Gourbesville; Tom Soo


Under the pressure of multiple challenges, transformative action is rapidly reshaping the world we live in today. In the water sector, this is being driven by vulnerability to climate uncertainty; increases in water demand caused by population growth and the rise of modern urban environments; degradation of the environmental quality of rivers and lakes receiving domestic, agricultural and industrial effluents; competition among uses; economic fluctuations and geo-political conflicts. At the same time, opportunities are arising through disruptive advances in technology such as digital solutions. Countries are responding to their water challenges by accelerating efforts to build global resilience by adapting and mitigating climate change, protecting and restoring the environment, transforming energy dependencies, securing food, harmonising uses and digitalising water management.


Year: 2023

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