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Physical and Numerical Modelling: Examples and Best Practices for Drop Structures

Author(s): Troy Lyons; Kevin Nielsen

Linked Author(s): Troy Lyons

Keywords: IAHR; Hydrolink; Drop Structures; hydraulic modelling; Troy Lyons; Kevin Nielsen


Over many decades, successful and even sometimes unsuccessful designs for drop shaft arrangements have been implemented throughout the world. Today, the most common and best tools for successful hydraulic design of drop shafts are numerical and physical models. While proven designs exist and can be studied, and perhaps adapted to new sites, they usually require additional consideration and hydraulic design effort. Most projects require customizations to accommodate unique local conditions such as existing infrastructure, converging flows, varying inlet elevations, size constraints, unfavorable geological conditions, etc. Thus, hydraulic modelling remains an essential part of creating innovative designs that adequately perform under a wide variety of challenging conditions.


Year: 2024

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