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Water Supply Management in Small City During Dry Season

Author(s): Agus Suharyanto

Linked Author(s): Agus Suharyanto

Keywords: Water balance, water demand, spring water, retardation basin

Abstract: In Indonesian province of East Java Province, there are some areas have not enough fresh water discharge during dry season. Among them are Trenggalek, Ponorogo, and Pacitan cities. Almost every year drought occurs in these three cities. Consequently, it is necessary to intercept and retain falling water during raining season with appropriate retardation basin. In this paper, the water balance between water demand and water supply is discussed. To increase the total discharge of water supply, retardation basin is used as an alternative to equipping water. The goal of services is only 60%, it means that not all or 100% of water demand will be supported. Only water for daily activity in each house hold will be taken as a consideration in this research. The water balance concept is used to analyze the balancing of water demand and availability of water supply. In principle, the materials used in this research are topographic map in scale of 1: 25. 000, SPOT satellite remote sensing data, land use map, discharge of river, spring, lake, and others water storage. The total discharge of water supply is analyzed using water discharge from potential water resources surrounding the research area. Base on the balancing of total water demand and total water supply, the lack between water demand and water supply can be found. The lack of water supply should be fulfilled using new water supply system. From the analyzed result, it can be concluded that Pacitan city have water supply surplus is equal to 27. 39 l/sec. Ponorogo and Trenggalek cities has lack of water supply which are 26. 48 l/sec. and 50. 31 l/sec, respectively. Consequently it is necessary to fulfill the lack of water supply by employing the water resources available surrounding two cities. The surplus of water supply from Pacitan city is not enough discharge to cover the water lack in two others cities


Year: 2017

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