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Optimization of Affecting Parameters of Pressure Relief Valve Using Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Hyunjun Kim, Dawon Baek, Geonji Kim, Eunhyung Lee, Minji Cho, Xiaoyi Dong, Sanghyun Kim

Linked Author(s): Hyunjun Kim

Keywords: Pressure relief valve, PRV, surge pressure, genetic algorithm, optimization

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to optimize the performance of the pressure relief valve (PRV) in pipeline systems. The design and operation parameters, such as set pressure, open and closing times and valve coefficient can influence the performance of the PRV. Determination of optimum parameters had been a traditional engineering problem to surge control. This study expands the parameters for system design and operation control. Therefore, this study proposed the methodology for determining design and operation parameters both. Standard reservoir-pipe-valve-reservoir system and a reservoir-pump-pipe-valve-reservoir system are employed to illustrate the analysis for the surge pressure introduced by a sudden valve closure. As an optimization scheme genetic algorithm (GA) is used to find the optimum solution, application of proposed methodology resulted in improving the performance of PRV for surge control


Year: 2017

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