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Effect of Leak Size on the Transient Behavior of a Viscoelastic Pipe

Author(s): Silvia Meniconi, Bruno Brunone, Caterina Capponi

Linked Author(s): Silvia Meniconi

Keywords: Leak, pressurized pipe, transient, polymeric pipes, viscoelasticity.

Abstract: Most of the literature on the transient response of polymeric pipes concerns the case of a single pipe; on the contrary, in very few cases, more complex pipe systems are considered. In this paper, the effect of the leak size on the value of the parameters of a Kelvin-Voigt (KV) single element model was examined. Specifically, the values of the KV parameters � i. e. , the Young and dynamic modulus of elasticity, and the retardation time of the viscous damper of the KV element � obtained for the case of an integer pipe, were used to simulate transients in a pipe with a leak. The results of such a preliminary analysis indicate that the performance of the numerical model deteriorates with increasing the leak size


Year: 2017

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