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A Hydraulic Model Experiment on the Relationship Between Sediment Transport Characteristics and Changes in Watercourses Around a Low-Water Revetment or Spur Dikes

Author(s): Satomi Yamaguchi, Tomoko KYUKA

Linked Author(s): Satomi Yamaguchi, Tomoko KYUKA

Keywords: A hydraulic model experiment; Revetments; Spur dikes; Sediment transport; Changes in watercourses;

Abstract: To clarify how the installation of low-water revetments and spur dikes affects river course characteristics, a hydraulic model experiment investigated how the watercourse responds to the control of bank erosion at the water colliding front by a low-water revetment or spur dikes. The subject of this study is a meandering channel with bank erosion, which is often observed in rapidly flowing rivers. When a low-water revetment was installed at a part of the experimental river channel, the original meandering characteristics of the channel were lost. In contrast, when spur dikes were installed, the original meandering characteristics of the channel were maintained in the river channel immediately downstream of the spur dikes, and the dikes controlled bank erosion in the channel section where they were installed.


Year: 2019

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