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Numerical Simulation of Culvert Flow Using Openfoam

Author(s): Ruike Zhang, Yee-chung Jin, PENG WU

Linked Author(s): Yee-chung Jin, PENG WU

Keywords: Blockage scenario; Culvert; OpenFOAM; Outlet control; Velocity re-distribution;

Abstract: Culverts are widely used in hydraulic engineering to carry storm-water runoff under a roadway, railway or embankments. A poorly designed culvert may destroy the hydraulic structures from upstream to downstream, which could eventually result in structural failures. Extensive experimental work has been conducted in the past to investigate the culvert flow at the outlet of culverts. An open source software OpenFOAM is applied in the present research to simulate the culvert flow under different flow and blockage conditions. The model is validated using a previous experimental measurement. In total, three cases are tested and compared to investigate the impact of blockage on culvert flow. It shows that different blockage scenarios have a strong impact on the flow distribution inside the culvert. With the blockage extending into the culvert, the velocity profile changes significantly comparing to the blockage at the outlet only. With the same extending length, a larger blockage ratio can generate a larger flow re-distribution.


Year: 2019

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