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Control of Flooding in the Lower Part of the Piura River

Author(s): Eduardo Zegarra

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Keywords: Relief Channel; Derivation; Temporary reservoir; Diversion Dam; Sechura Drain;

Abstract: This document describes the water derivation of up to 1,500 m3/s during the large floods of the Piura River in order to avoid flooding of the cities of Piura, Castile and the valley of Bajo Piura that exceed one million inhabitants, for which it is used the existing Ejidos Diversion Dam located upstream of the said cities. Piura River in large floods can reach flows of 3,900 m3/s, to make this derivation it is required the construction of an 8.2 km long relief channel to carry the water to Las Monjas Creek and then to a temporary reservoir located in the area of Coscomba where 35 Hm3 can be stored, which are then evacuated with a maximum flow of 25 m3/s to the also existing Sechura Drain, which finally reaches the sea. As a result of the execution of these works, the cities mentioned above will be safe from future floods since the losses caused by this river in very humid years could be avoided, as an example we have that in the last The El Niño Phenomenon of 2017, the damages cost 1,200 million dollars.


Year: 2019

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