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Analysis of Analysis of Behavior of Contaminants at the Braided River Using the Transient Storage Model

Author(s): Se Hun Yun, Il Won Seo, Si Yoon Kwon

Linked Author(s): Se Hun Yun

Keywords: Advection-dispersion equation; Solute transport; Transient storagemodel; Reach segmentation;

Abstract: In this study, the behavior of contaminants entering the braided river was analized by using transient storage model (TSM). The TSM equations represent transport and storage processes with a set of numerical variables. The governing equation underlying the model is the one dimensional advection-dispersion equation. Additional terms such as a first-order decay or production rate terms have been added to consider the non-conservative contaminants condition. Apart from the functions that the model implement, the results of the TSM are greatly influenced by the estimated parameters. The accuracy of the model was enhanced when the selected number of the reach segmentation and reach length was used. However, accuracy was not significantly improved when additional terms were added.


Year: 2019

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