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The Use of Alternative Material for the Substitution of Active Charcoal as a Remediator of Contaminating Substances

Author(s): Carolina Doricci Guilherme, Rafael Augusto Valentim Da Cruz Magdalena, André Augusto Gutierres Fernandes Beati

Linked Author(s): Carolina Doricci Guilherme

Keywords: Alternative material; Activated charcoal; Tannery; PET;

Abstract: One of the materials with the most highlight is the activated charcoal, it is a material of organic origin, that’s commonly used in the industry in processes such as filtration, clarification, deodorization and purification of liquids or gases. The use of an alternative material, preferably some type of waste, capable of replace the activated charcoal in some situations is of a great value for society, since it’s about a material which would be being discarded and increasing the volume of solid waste on the planet. This scientific research studied the tannery (leather waste) and the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as possibles substitutes of active charcoal as a remediator of possible contaminating substances. This studies was made with some techniques, as pyrolysis in induction muffle of alternative materials, after this the density and dispersion in aqueous medium was compared with the commercial active charcoal, an analysis was also made of the adsorption capacity of the coals produced with the filtration of the wine dye, thermal analysis was also performed with the DTA of the of coals of alternative material, in which it was compared with a commercial charcoal to observe how it behaves at high temperatures. This research aims at significantly positive results regarding the properties of the alternative material selected as the substitute of the activated charcoal in relation to potentially polluting situations in the soil and consequently in groundwater.


Year: 2019

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