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Hydraulic Design of Gabions on Longitudinal Works with the Software Macra Studio

Author(s): Paula Tayná De Lima

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Keywords: Hydraulic verification; Channels; Bank protection; Software; Gabions;

Abstract: Among all the stages of channels or bank protections design, there is the hydraulic verification. After a hydrological and geotechnical study, it should be verified if the determined section will support the previously estimated discharge, that is, to verify if it will not overflow and if the applied materials will resist the flow action. In general, the gabion longitudinal work design is made based on classical concepts for steady uniform flow, but also contains some particularities that need to be evaluated and considered to specify correctly this kind of material. In order to speed this design up, the software Macra Studio was developed. In addition to the average velocity verification, it is necessary to verify if the velocity of the residual flow that passes through the filling stones and reaches the natural bottom is smaller than the critical velocity of the soil under the gabion. In the case of the shear stress analysis, the resistance of the gabion depends on the filling rock size and weight, and also can vary with the slope inclination when it is applied on the banks of a water course. All these considerations are presented in this article with the description of the applied method in this free software that can be used for educational and professional purposes. Although there are specific gabion verifications, Macra Studio can be used for other types of lining materials analysis.


Year: 2019

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