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Application of Rain Barrels for Flood Control in an Urban Mountain Basins

Author(s): Diana Rey, Jeannette Del Carmen Zambrano Najera

Linked Author(s): Diana Rey, Jeannette Del Carmen Zambrano Najera

Keywords: SUDS; Mountain basins; Rain barrels; Storm floods;

Abstract: Storm floods due to urbanization have been studied for a long time. Nevertheless, it exists few literature about this problem in high/medium mountain watersheds. This research examines storm floods in a small city located in the Colombian Andes, where the problem is even more critical due to high slopes increment the velocities of flow even more. For that reason, it has been studying a zone named San Luis-Palogrande watershed with an area of 1 km2, represented by 70.9% of urban area and a forested zone of 29.1% of the total area, and slopes that ranges from 1.2% to 34.5%. The research aim is to adapt Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) to mountain watershed conditions, therefore the study area is been modeled with the hydrodynamic model SWMM. Parameters were obtained from: land use map, aerial photography, soil map generated from soil samples, contour lines every 2 m and sewerage network map, which was completed from field data and secondary information. The area has 4 meteorological stations and 1 hydro-meteorological station that measures discharge at the outfall. 5 events were taken for the calibration and 13 for validation, obtaining calibration fitting of the model with Nash coefficient of 0.76 a 0.94 and 0.47 a 0.91 for validation (considered good fitness). With the validated model test were been carried out to adapt SUDS to these conditions, by using small scale storage tanks in a first attempt.


Year: 2019

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