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The Constructed Wetlands Make the Connections of the Urban Areas and Natural Landscape, Preserving the Riparian Zones

Author(s): Adriana Curty

Linked Author(s): Adriana Curty

Keywords: Riparian zones; Life cycle; Preservation water bodies;

Abstract: The water is necessary for the economic growth and always present at the main civilizations´ development. The objective is to preserve riparian zones intending to maintain the ecological balance, preserve the environment and integrate the urban landscape. In such cases the constructed wetlands have been applied successfully to help the recovery of degraded areas and conservation of riparian zones of rivers and lakes, preserving the renewal cycle and the biodiversity also having a vital function to the maintenance of health and make the purification of phosphorus and nitrogen present at the effluent discarded, sometimes, without treatment. The population cannot anthropize regions without proper planning and being conscious that nothing will survive if there is no vegetation to protect such areas. The preservation of vegetation protects the soil and, consequently, water. It is of no use solving the consequences if there is no action towards the cause. This means that it is critical to understand that the daily disposal must be made in appropriate facilities, and if it is done otherwise it may generate significant environmental liability, pollution of water bodies, thus causing diseases through contamination of the population and, consequently, the vanishing of flora and fauna, breaking the life cycle described herein.


Year: 2019

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