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Addressing the Challenge of Flooding Risk Induced by Global Warming: Protocol Project

Author(s): Del-Rosal-Salido Juan, Díaz-Carrasco Pilar, Magaña Pedro, Clavero María, Alejandro Lopez Ruiz, Miguel A. Losada, Antonio Monino Ferrando, Maria Da Graca Neves, Silva Rodolfo, Contreras Manuel, Miguel Ortega Sanchez

Linked Author(s): mclavero, Alejandro López Ruiz, Miguel A. Losada, Antonio Moñino Ferrando, Maria Da Graça Neves, ssolari, Miguel Ortega Sánchez

Keywords: See level rise; Climate change; Coastal Structures; Risk of flooding; Design recommendations;

Abstract: Global warming associated with climate change is generating a progressive mean sea level rise. The consequences of this ascent on the coast will lead to greater and more frequent floods, affections and damages, as well as greater risk in terms of human lives and economic costs. These effects will be seen amplified in the costal urban fronts due to the high concentration of activities, services and population. As a consequence, the aim of this project is to develop a general methodology and establish technical recommendations for the design of coastal protection in urban fronts based on the quantification of: (1) agents and actions considering their different affection scales and the future scenarios of sea level rise, (2) the risk on the urban front and (3) the overtopping depending on the protection typologies and the future scenarios. The project will achieve products of great value not only for the countries involved in this project, but also on a global scale, that is: databases and computer application tools by public administrations, companies and entities involved in the maritime-coastal environment.


Year: 2019

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