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Changes of Soil Physiochemical Properties After Ecological Restoration in Riparian Zone of Liao River in China

Author(s): Wenqiang Wu, Wenqi Peng, Ruonan Wang, Jinjin Ge

Linked Author(s): Wenqiang Wu, Wenqi Peng, Ruonan Wang, Jinjin Ge

Keywords: Soil; Physiochemical Properties; Ecological Restoration; Liao River;

Abstract: The riparian zone is a special protective buffer zone for rivers, and most of the riparian zones in China are developed as farmland. A closed basin management model has been implementing in Liaoning Province, Northeast China. Beginning in 2010, the river closure measures were implemented in Liaohe River. Through the analysis of soil nutrient characteristics and shear resistance of two typical riparian zones in October 2014, After fertilization, the soil conditions in the riparian zone of Liaohe River were restored, the rich vegetation types enhanced the shear resistance of the riparian soil, improved the mechanical stability of the riparian zone and increase its ability to resist soil erosion. Under the condition of different vegetation types, the content of organic matter, the total nitrogen in soil and the shear resistance of soil showed the trend as follows: herbaceous and shrub vegetation type> herbaceous vegetation type> farmland vegetation type.


Year: 2019

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