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Experimental and Numerical Characterisation of a Jet Impingement on a Pool

Author(s): Maria Rita L. M. F. Carvalho, Md Nazmul Azim Beg, Pedro Miguel Borges Lopes

Linked Author(s): Maria Rita L. M. F. Carvalho, Pedro Miguel Borges Lopes

Keywords: Jet; Plunge pool; ADV; Image analysis; OpenFOAM®;

Abstract: Flow features on a pool subjected to an impingement jet were studied experimentally and numerically. Data from experimental measurements and numerical simulations were compared with some available data from literature. Experimental data used Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry (ADV), which is a widely used tool for the characterization of fluid flow and turbulence as well as image analysis to understand numerical and experimental results. The numerical model was applied within OpenFOAM® toolbox utilizing Volume of Fluid method. Model allows the study of the influence of several jet factors, such as jet fall height in the pool hydrodynamics. Characteristics of free-surface perturbation, velocity, pressure, air concentration and turbulence field of pool are presented and discussed.


Year: 2019

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