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Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Flow-Induced Vibration for the Hydraulic Steel Radial-Gate

Author(s): Yakun Liu, Di Zhang

Linked Author(s): Yakun Liu, Di Zhang

Keywords: Steel radial gate; Flow-induced vibration; Fluctuating pressure; Natural vibration characteristics; Steel gate design;

Abstract: The hydraulic steel radial-gate is widely employed as the service gate of discharge structures in water conservancy projects. Induced by the hydrodynamic force and various other factors, strong flow-induced vibration phenomena are often observed for hydraulic radial-gates with different sizes. By combining the physical model tests and numerical simulation methods, this study analyzes the flow-induced vibration characteristics of a steel radial-gate. During the process of model tests, one new type of surface-pressure measuring apparatus is developed in the authors’ laboratory, and the duration curve of the fluctuating pressure acting on different surface-elements of the gate is synchronously gauged, in order to avoid the transformation between the single-point pressure and surface pressure. Besides, this study exerts the aforementioned fluctuating pressure on the three-dimensional finite element model, being numerically built with the aid of the ANSYS software. The self-developed boundary element codes are utilized to compute the attached hydrodynamic-pressure response caused by the vibration of the gate, and further the additional mass matrix is calculated and the vibration response of the gate at different opening degrees is achieved. Additionally, this study investigates the natural vibration frequency and mode of the radial gate in both the operational condition and the no-water condition, computes the time history response of the forced vibration, analyses the distribution of the vibration displacement and stress, explores the influence of the flow field on the natural vibration characteristics of the gate, and summarizes the regularity of the natural vibration frequency of the gate at different opening degrees.


Year: 2019

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