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Numerical Analyses of the Holistic Hydraulic Loads Characteristics of High Water-Head Plane Gate

Author(s): Jinxiong Zhang, Zhigang Wang, wenyuan zhang, Hongwei Zhang, Yuchen Deng

Linked Author(s): Jinxiong Zhang, Zhigang Wang, wenyuan zhang

Keywords: Engineering hydraulics; Holistic hydraulic loads; Numerical simulation; High water head; Plane gate;

Abstract: The reliability of hydrodynamic closure of the high-water-head plane gate is related directly to the safety of the sluice structure in an emergency. Two-phase unsteady turbulent flow, flow around the gate and jet flow below the gate are very complex with plane gate closing, and the hydrodynamic loads of the gate are influenced by many factors such as the gate profile, the water head, the velocity, the aeration and the opening or closing speed of the gate. There is a lack of established theories and methods for reference to calculate hydrodynamic loads of the gate at present, and it is liable to cause the problem such as the failure of closing gate when hydraulic loads calculation produced bigger deviation. From the perspective of the holistic hydraulic loads acting on the gate, it is first proposed the dimensionless formula of the vertical hydraulic loads and the horizontal thrust coefficients of plane gate by the dimensional theory in this paper. On the basis of the emergency gate in water intake at one pumped storage power plant, hydrodynamic numerical model compared with results of physical model has been adopted to analyze the law of dimensionless coefficient of hydraulic loads under different operating water heads. It will provide a reference for engineering design and safe operation of high-head plane gate.


Year: 2019

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