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Application and Discussion of China Water Resource Dispatch General Decision Support System in Manas River Basin

Author(s): Zhiguo Gan

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Keywords: Water resources regulation; China Water Resource Dispatch General Decision Support System; Manas River Basin; dispatch and decision support system;

Abstract: Water resources dispatching is a very important work of water resources management. China's water resources are unevenly distributed, and the contents and processes of water resources dispatching operations in separate areas are different. In order to unify the water resources dispatching business and process, and ensure the connectivity of data transfer between different departments of the government, the Ministry of Water Resources has developed China Water Resource Dispatch General Decision Support System (CWRDGS) in the process of building the national water resources management system. The software version 1.0 has been distributed to 40 units including the central government, river basins, provinces and autonomous regions for deployment. Manas River Basin, as one of the regions with a shortage of water resources in China, with the rapid development of regional economy and society, the water consumption has increased sharply, and the contradiction between water supply and demand is serious. It is urgent to establish a water resource dispatch and decision support system to achieve scientific regulation and improve the level of water resources management. According to the Manas River Basin Management Regulations, combined with the function requirements of basin water resources regulation, through the customization, deployment and secondary development of CWRDGS, the water resource dispatch decision support system that can support water resources regulation business in Manas River Basin has been developed.


Year: 2019

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