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Models Orchestration for Real Time Application

Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

Linked Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

Keywords: Orchestration; Deterministic models; DSS; Real-time; Forecast;

Abstract: Management of water uses requests to harmonize demands and needs which are getting more and more complex and sophisticated. During the past 3 decades, modeling systems for hydrology, hydraulics and water quality have been used as stand alone products and were used in order to produce an analysis of a current situation and to generate forecast according to different horizons. The current situation, characterized by the fast increase of monitoring devices mainly in urban environments, requests an integration of the modeling tools into the information systems that are now dedicated to the global management of urban environments. Energy distribution, water distribution, solid wastes collection, traffic optimization are today major issues for cities that are looking for functional Decisions Supports Systems (DSSs). The basic requirement of real time assessment, the modeling systems identified as main elements of analytics and used for hydrology, hydraulic and water quality forecasts have to integrate a common framework allowing modular approach and interoperability. The paper presents an operational approach used to orchestrate several modeling tools – deterministic hydrological model + 2D hydraulic model + 3D groundwater model – within a DSS dedicated to provide in real time assessments and forecasts. The proposed approach is implemented by the Metropolis of Nice and over the Var catchment (3,000 km2) located in the French Riviera, France.


Year: 2019

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