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Comparative study on calculation methods of dam-break wave

Author(s): Shaolin Yang; Wanli Yang; Shunquan Qin; Qiao Li

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Keywords: Dam-break wave; Euler equations; FLOW-3D; Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations; turbulence model; wave propagation

Abstract: This paper presents systematic comparisons of dam-break wave generation and propagation between numerical solutions of RANS equations with three different turbulence models (standard k – ε, RNG k – ε and k – ω), numerical solutions of Euler equations, analytical solutions and experimental data from literature for both dry-bed and wet-bed cases. Results show that numerical solutions of RANS equations with the three different turbulence models can accurately calculate the whole process of dam-break wave propagating over both dry-bed and wet-bed. Numerical solutions of Euler equations show remarkable discrepancies compared with the experimental data in dry-bed condition, but can predict the dam-break wave well in wet-bed conditions. The merits and demerits of the calculation methods are discussed in full and their application scopes are suggested.


Year: 2019

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