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LES study of transient behaviour and turbulent characteristics of free-surface and floor-attached vortices in pump sump

Author(s): Qiang Pan; Ruijie Zhao; Xikun Wang; Weidong Shi; Desheng Zhang

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Keywords: Large eddy simulation; pump sump; transient flow; turbulence; vortex

Abstract: In this work, large eddy simulation combined with volume of fluid method is performed to simulate the flow and the associated vortices in a pump sump. The numerical results are compared with experimental data. Particular interest is paid to discovering the temporal evolution of the free-surface and floor-attached vortices. Both vortices undergo periodic enhancement and attenuation due to the advection and stretching/tilting effects generated by the background flow. The primary vortex core is accompanied by spirally wrapped secondary vortex tubes, resulting in anisotropic turbulence structure around the vortex core regions. The findings provide a deep insight into the application of large eddy simulation in pump sump and the underlying mechanism of vortex formation and evolution in the sump.


Year: 2019

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