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Influence of nonlinear turbulent friction on the system frequency response in transient pipe flow modelling and analysis

Author(s): Huan-Feng Duan; Tong-Chuan Che; Pedro J. Lee; Mohamed S. Ghidaoui

Linked Author(s): HF Duan, Tong-Chuan Che, Pedro Jose Lee, Mohamed S. Ghidaoui

Keywords: Nonlinear turbulent friction; relative importance; system frequency response; transfer matrix; transient

Abstract: The system frequency response (SFR) based method has been widely developed and applied for the modelling of transient pipe flow and the assessment of pipeline system conditions. The linearization assumption is commonly imposed for the nonlinear turbulent friction term in the SFR model. Previous studies have demonstrated the impact of the linearization approximation on the accuracy of SFR-based modelling and analysis. This paper aims to improve the traditional SFR-based method by incorporating the nonlinear component of the friction term in a two-step analytical extension of the SFR expression. Numerical comparisons with the method of characteristic (MOC) highlight the improved accuracy that the extended SFR result provides over the traditional approach under various flow conditions.


Year: 2018

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