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Measurements of tsunami-borne debris impact on structures using an embedded accelerometer

Author(s): Seyedreza Shafiei; Bruce W. Melville; Asaad Y. Shamseldin; Sherif Beskhyroun; Keith N. Adams

Linked Author(s): ssha399, Bruce W. Melville, Asaad Yahia Shamseldin, Keith Adams

Keywords: Contact duration; debris velocity; impact acceleration; impact angle; mass; smart debris

Abstract: This paper presents new experimental techniques utilizing a smart debris device for direct measurement of the impact acceleration forces associated with tsunami-borne debris that impact inland structures. The resulting experimental data will lead to advanced predictive capabilities of such forces for use in design guidelines. The measured debris acceleration data were used to calculate impact forces (mass × acceleration). An image processing technique was used to detect the debris impact angle. The debris impact tests were conducted using a disc-shaped smart debris device with masses of 550, 800 and 1000 g. For calculation of the debris force it was found necessary to include the mass of entrained water. The impact acceleration was found to be a function of debris mass, velocity, and contact duration. An equation is developed to allow estimation of the debris velocity for a known distance between the debris pick-up location by a tsunami and the structure.


Year: 2016

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