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Experimental verification of pipeline frequency response extraction and leak detection using the inverse repeat signal

Author(s): Jinzhe Gong; Martin F. Lambert; Aaron C. Zecchin; Angus R. Simpson

Linked Author(s): Martin Lambert, Aaron Zecchin, Angus R. Simpson

Keywords: Fluid transient; frequency response function; leak; pipeline; pseudorandom binary signal; water hammer

Abstract: This paper presents the original design of a side-discharge valve based transient generator that can produce two types of pseudorandom binary signals: a maximum length binary signal and an inverse repeat signal. These two signals are both wide bandwidth, persistent and periodic, but the inverse repeat signal has the advantageous property that it is antisymmetric within each period. The two signals are used to extract the frequency response function of a single water pipeline in the laboratory. The experimental results demonstrate that the frequency response function extracted by the inverse repeat signal is closer to the theoretical linear results as obtained from the transfer matrix method due to it being able to cancel the effect of even-order nonlinearities. The customized transient generator is then applied to a pipeline with a leak. The location of the leak is successfully determined using the first three resonant peaks as extracted by the inverse repeat signal.


Year: 2016

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