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Computational model of flood discharge splash in large hydropower stations

Author(s): Haitao Liu; Zhiping Liu; Qingfu Xia; Shuangke Sun

Linked Author(s): Haitao Liu, Zhiping Liu, Xia Qingfu, Shuangke Sun

Keywords: Flood discharge splash; hydropower engineering; particle motion; rainfall distribution; stochastic splash model

Abstract: This article presents a stochastic splash model for analysing the artificial rainfall caused by flood discharge splash in large hydropower stations. In this model, the splash phenomenon is considered as a random process, the flight paths of the splashed droplets are tracked by solving the particle motion equations, and the volume of each droplet is accumulated into a grid on the ground corresponding to its landing coordinates. A neural network was employed to compute the wind velocity vectors and the ground elevations to control the droplet motion and flight time. Thus, the model can account for the influence of the wind field and natural terrain on the rainfall distribution. An indoor splash experiment and field measurements were conducted to compare the measured data with the numerical results, and they showed satisfactory agreement.


Year: 2015

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