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Hydrodynamic study of phase-shift tidal power system with Y-shaped dams

Author(s): Qiulin Liu; Yongliang Zhang

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Keywords: Hydrodynamic characteristics; phase-shift tidal power; two-dimensional model; water head; Y-shaped dam

Abstract: Phase-shift tidal power system with a dam deployed perpendicularly to a coastline in the sea is considered. The tidal power is extracted from water level difference on both sides of the dam, which originates from different propagation path of the tidal wave and the phase shift in water levels. This study focuses on hydrodynamic characteristics of a Y-shaped dam under the action of the tidal waves and explores the effects of the dam parameters on the phase shift of the tidal waves on both sides of a main dam and water head. A two-dimensional model is used to simulate tidal flows in the Taiwan Strait and Qiongzhou Strait. The model is validated by comparing the numerical results with previous studies and available measurements. The influence of the angle between the main dam and the branch dam, branch dam length, and dam types on phase difference in water levels and water head over the main dam is discussed.


Year: 2014

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