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A prediction method of flood discharge atomization for high dams

Author(s): Jijian Lian; Chengye Li; Fang Liu; Shiqiang Wu

Linked Author(s): Jijian Lian, Wu Shiqiang

Keywords: Flood discharge atomization; mathematical model; physical model; prediction method; splashing test; verification analysis

Abstract: To predict the effects of flood discharge atomization, a prediction method that combines physical and mathematical models is proposed. First, based on the physical modelling, splashing tests, and prototype observations we conclude that the large-scale physical models can be used to simulate the atomization when the Weber number is larger than 600. Then, based on the feedback analysis of model results and prototype data, a mathematical model is formulated. The model consists of the differential equations of the jet flow in air and accounts for the splashing of water drops as a result of the jet impact at the downstream water surface. The applicability of the proposed mathematical model is demonstrated by the verification analysis of the Ertan hydropower station. The prediction method that combines the large-scale physical model with the mathematical model is then used to quantify the atomization rainfall intensity and coverage area on the Baihetan hydropower station.


Year: 2014

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