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Assessment of ice plugging of a cooling water intake by a numerical model

Author(s): Yushi Wang; Marcela Politano; Hao-Che Ho; Marian Muste; Frank Michell; Jeff Stallings

Linked Author(s): Yushi Wang, Marcela Politano, Hao-Che Ho, Marian Muste

Keywords: Debris flow; ice buildup; ice stream; RANS model; three-dimensional model; water intake

Abstract: American Electrical Power's Conesville plant had historically prevented ice buildup at a water intake by routing warm water from a once-through cooling system to the intake. In 2012, this system was retired and warm water was no longer available for de-icing. A numerical study was conducted to evaluate design alternatives to reduce ice transport to the intake. An Eulerian–Lagrangian model was used to predict the hydrodynamics and ice trajectories. A porous media model accounted for the ice accumulation in the trash racks. The model was capable of predicting the observed flow pattern. Predicted velocities compared well with measurements using large-scale particle image velocimetry (LSPIV). According to the model, sediment control vanes, placed in front of the intake to alleviate sediment ingestion, favour the ice transport to the intake. Based on model results, a mitigation plan to be implemented during several phases was elaborated.


Year: 2014

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