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Turbulent non-uniform flows in straight compound open-channels

Author(s): Sebastien Proust; Joao N. Fernandes; Yann Peltier; Joao B. Leal; Nicolas Riviere; Antonio H. Cardoso

Linked Author(s): Sebastien Proust, João Nuno Fernandes, Yann PELTIER, Nicolas Riviere

Keywords: Compound open-channel flow; laboratory studies; non-uniform flow; transverse momentum flux; turbulent mixing layers

Abstract: The reported experimental study assesses the effects of flow non-uniformity on the momentum flux in straight compound channels. Two flumes were used, featuring vertical and sloping banks. Starting with uniform flow condition, various imbalances in the upstream discharge distribution were introduced. This resulted in a time-averaged lateral flow and advective transport of momentum, which interacted with the shear-layer turbulence generated by the compound geometry. To investigate this interaction, the three contributions to transverse momentum flux (depth-averaged flow, shear-layer turbulence and dispersive term of spanwise velocity) are assessed. The first two contributions were strengthened by the sloping banks, while the third becomes important for the case of the vertical bank. With a lateral flow towards the main channel, the first contribution rises at the expense of the second. With a lateral flow towards the floodplain, the first two contributions have the same order of magnitude, and the Boussinesq approach is invalidated.


Year: 2013

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