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Multi-frequency acoustics for suspended sediment studies: an application in the Parana River

Author(s): Massimo Guerrero; Ricardo N. Szupiany; Francisco Latosinski

Linked Author(s): Massimo Guerrero, Ricardo Nicolás Szupiany, Fransisco Latosinski

Keywords: ADCP; backscatter; bed sediments; field studies; multi-frequency; Parana River; suspended sediments

Abstract: A method of using two acoustic Doppler current profilers operating at different frequencies and employed at the same measuring vertical to sample a profile of suspended sediment concentration has been previously applied in the Parana River (Argentina) but has not been validated by direct sediment samples. The present work fills this gap by reporting new field data and comparing them with acoustically inferred sediment concentrations. The agreement between directly measured sediment concentrations and grain sizes with corresponding estimates from an employed backscatter model was found to be good (squared correlation coefficients are 0.9 and 0.8, and mean deviations are 14 and 6%, respectively). The interrelations between flow velocity and suspended sediment concentration at fixed locations and in a moving mode along a river cross-section have been also investigated. Observed events of bed sediment re-suspension were found to be highly correlated with fluctuations of the vertical flow velocity, with a 100–150s quasi-periodicity. The size of re-suspension plumes was increasing from the channel thalweg to the low-submerged bar areas.


Year: 2013

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