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Analysis of the discharge capacity of radial-gated spillways using CFD and ANN – Oliana Dam case study

Author(s): Fernando Salazar; Rafael Morán; Riccardo Rossi; Eugenio Oñate

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Keywords: ANN; CFD; discharge coefficient; Kratos; radial gates; spillways

Abstract: The paper focuses on the analysis of radial-gated spillways, which is carried out by the solution of a numerical model based on the finite element method (FEM). The Oliana Dam is considered as a case study and the discharge capacity is predicted both by the application of a level-set-based free-surface solver and by the use of traditional empirical formulations. The results of the analysis are then used for training an artificial neural network to allow real-time predictions of the discharge in any situation of energy head and gate opening within the operation range of the reservoir. The comparison of the results obtained with the different methods shows that numerical models such as the FEM can be useful as a predictive tool for the analysis of the hydraulic performance of radial-gated spillways.


Year: 2013

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