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Simple settling velocity formula for calcareous sand

Author(s): Juan Carlos Alcerreca; Rodolfo Silva; Edgar Mendoza

Linked Author(s): Rodolfo Silva, Edgar G Mendoza Baldwin

Keywords: Biogenic sand; calcareous sand; deposition; grain size; settling velocity

Abstract: From the analysis of 1557 calcareous sand grains, a new equation for the computation of particle settling velocity is derived. The proposed expression involves only the dimensionless particle diameter and the Reynolds number, meaning that the estimation of the settling velocity is quick and easy. This formula is compared with expressions available elsewhere and its improved accuracy is demonstrated. When the formula was applied to Hallermeier's database [(1981). Terminal settling velocity of commonly occurring sand grains. Sedimentology 28(6), 859–865], which has been used in previous studies to develop settling velocity equations, it was also found to have the smallest root mean square error. The equation reported in the paper is one of very few expressions specifically developed for calcareous sand.


Year: 2013

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